torsdag den 2. juli 2015

The Mini Southport Dress

Once again I've had the privilege of beeing a pattern tester for True Bias. This time the talented young lady is spoiling us with a pattern for girl's clothes - The Mini Southport Dress pattern.

The Mini Southport is designed with a button opening at centre front and a combination elastic and drawstring waist. The neck and armholes are finished with bias tape. The dress is designed to hit a little above the knee.

My tester dress is a simplified version of the Mini Southport Dress as I've omitted the button opening. My machine just won't do buttonholes anymore. It also coughs a lot. And skip stitches. Perhaps she's trying to tell me something?!

When skipping the front opening I believe that you need to use some sort of stretchy fabric to make sure that the dress will be able to pull over the child's head - but honestly I'm not sure if that's necessary. I haven't tested in a woven fabric, though. I also lengthened the dress a bit.

So, here you go - a leopard printed jersey pull over version of the Mini Southport Dress. As always Kelli makes great instructions so you'll be guided through every little step. To make a pull over dress you just place the centre front - it is marked on the pattern - at fold. This is not explained in Kelly's instructions but it's easy peasy. You might want to consider going down a size if you make it in a knit fabric.

You did it again Kelli. Created an awesome pattern. I think I'm going to love this (almost) as much as your Mini Hudson's.

Until tomorrow you can get a $2 discount on the Mini Southport Dress pattern with the code LAUNCHWEEK.

Happy sewing.


lørdag den 27. juni 2015

Ella Top & Burda 6770 pants

The Ella Top designed by Liola Patterns is not your average tank top pattern. This little number has a several cute details; the bust darts, the back yoke, a little pleat at the back and neck- and armhole binding. And of course finished with french seams.

I did raise the neckline a tiny bit - 2 cm or so - apart from that no changes were made to the pattern during construction. For me the fit is spot on. No gaping, pulling or anything. Just perfect. That makes me an average size L in Liola Patterns sizing I guess. I will definetely be making more of these. I'm dreaming of a silk version. Perhaps I will try widening the back yoke a bit as my bra straps are showing. Not that it matters that much to me.

It's a really quick and easy make with a professional finish. The instructions are super, thorough and easy to follow.

Head on over to Indiesew if you need inspiration for your own Ella.

The pants are Burda 6770 - loose fitting pull on pants with pleats. My kind of pants. I added about 7 cm to the length. I'm really, really in love with these. Perhaps the best loose fitting pants I've ever sewn. I went down a size compared to what I would normally make for myself. These are really roomy and loose fitting but Burda has been kind enough to add the finished garment measurements to the pattern so I advice you to take a look at those before you decide on which size to make.

The lovely fabric is a navy blue almost black medium weight poly crepe from Stofdepotet. The drape is fantastic!

I was sponsored the Ella Top pattern by Indiesew as a member of their blogger team. The review is however completely me-provided!


onsdag den 17. juni 2015

Nani Iro Month 2015 // The Aeolian Dress

Last June I was so lucky to be invited on the Nani Iro Month Tour hosted by Miss Matatabi.

Never in a million years had I imagined that I would be asked to join the party again - but here I am rocking it with the Queen of Nani Iro Fabrics for Nani Iro Month 2015. Thank you so, so much Frances//Miss Matatabi, you're the best.

At the time I'm writing this Miss Matatabi stocks 99 different Nani Iro items. 99  you guys. That's pretty amazing, huh?

Unfortunately the double gauze fabric I've used for my creation below - the Nani Iro Jewel Song Yozora - seems to be out of stock. I don't know if it'll be re-stocked, sorry.

But, I do get why it's sold out. It's freakin' amazing is what it is. Super soft double gauze in a deep charcoal/ink blue-ish color with metallic dots. Truly fab!

It's no secret that I'm a sucker for so called sack dresses. I've sewn and shown you several of these - but this one is a little different from what I've made before.

May I present The Aeolian T-Shirt Dress designed by Pattern Fantastique. The pattern is designed for knits but works perfectly for woven fabrics as well as you can see. The original pattern comes with short box-shaped raglan sleeves. Mine still has the boxy sleeves but I extended them as well as took them in a bit. I do so love me an elbow length sleeve. The sleeves also look cool rolled up a bit. I'm going to wear this dress to pieces!!

Another cool thing about this pattern is that it comes with different lengths. I chose the calf length version. It's supposed to have a super deep and flattering 8 cm hem at the bottom but as I am almost 180 cm tall I had to settle for a less deep hem to keep the length I was after. Oh, I also added a couple of small slits at the side seams.

As you can tell from the 'leggings under the dress' look the Danish summer hasn't been all that summery so far. But, who cares when you got a brand new amazing Nani Iro dress?! Okay, I would prefer sun and Nani Iro. A lot of both, please. Yessir. Over and out.


torsdag den 11. juni 2015

The Ishi Dress - or the 'Who let the dogs out?' dress.

My Belgian friend An of Straight Grain designs the most gorgeous patterns for girl's clothes - oh, and a  (unisex) sleep sack for babies.

Her latest pattern is for the Ishi Dress and today I'm participating in her Ishi Dress Blog Tour.

The Ishi is a princess seamed a-line dress with two big pockets placed on the side panels of the dress.

I know a girl who loooooves big pockets. The same girl also happens to love almost every single animal on this planet. Well, not spiders. But rabbits, cats - whales (but why?) and of course dogs. Such a shame that the only animals we have in our home are spiders, flies and sometimes ants.

When I first showed her this fabric she immediately begged for a dress. About the same I got the fabric, An invited me the on the blog tour. Perfect.

Don't let all the fine details on the Ishi scare you. It's actually a pretty fast make and because of An's very detailed instructions the dress is not that difficult to construct. Such a beautiful and great fitting dress. I could have gone down a size for Wilma. She's tall but slender. I made her a size 9 with no alterations.

The lovely Japanese fabric is from Stofdepotet. 

And yes, I bribed her and documented it!!

Thanks so much for inviting me, An - it's been a great pleasure.


ishitour button

søndag den 7. juni 2015

Pullover Dresses

I've made Wilma a couple of pullover dresses.

Pullover dresses = no hair getting caught in zippers or buttons = favorites!

These dresses started with the Trop Top pattern designed by Ivanne S. but with a bunch of alterations. I guess the neckline is the only thing left unaltered.

Today I'll show you the original - The Grey One

It's made of a light weight (cotton) blend from Stofdepotet.

Not much to say. As you can see it's pretty simple. The back is a little lower than the front.

The first photo shows how the dress looked in the morning. Freshly ironed.

The rest of the photos show reality.

I want to make a bunch of these dresses. For me as well.

tirsdag den 26. maj 2015

Twisted Tuesday Tour - The Twisted Tank Top (sans twist)

Idag deltager jeg i ovennævnte blogtour hosted af Laura med bloggen Craftstorming.

Under navnet Titchy Threads har Laura udgivet nogle skønne mønstre - heriblandt Twisted Trousers og Twisted Tank, som denne tour omhandler. Ah, I er med på den lille twist (sorry, ku' ikke lade være).

Jeg har tidligere syet bukser efter Lauras 'Small Fry Skinny Jeans' mønster. Det mønster skal jeg da vist lige ha' hevet frem fra gemmerne igen!

Nu var det tank toppen det her skulle handle om. Jeg har valgt den nemme løsning uden twist, fordi jeg synes det egnede sig bedst til mit stofvalg. Den grå tank har fået sorte kanter og ditto lomme. 9 årige Bertram er ret skinny og hans brystmål placerede ham i en str. 7 år, mens han i længden er en str. 10, som jeg så af en eller anden grund lavede om til en str. 9. Perfekt passende tank, som han allerede knuselsker. Der er sgu da også ret cool, hva? Læderlomme og hele svineriet.

Today I'm participating in the Twisted Tuesday Tour hosted by the sweet and talented Laura of Craftstorming who is designing patterns under the name Titchy Threads. Laura offers two Twisted patterns - the Twisted Trousers and the Twisted Tank. For this tour I have chosen to be on Team Tank. 

I present to you Bertram's Twisted Tank (sans twist). One of the cool features on this pattern is of course the twisted design, but because of the busy fabric print I went with the regular tank version which is also included in this pattern. 

Bertram is 9 years old but pretty skinny. I made him a size 7 lengthened to a size 9. In fact it should have been a size 10 length - don't know why I ended up with the size 9. Well, the fit is spot on anyways. 

I can definetely see many more of these to come. Bertram loves his new cool leather pocket tank. The pattern runs from 3 months to 12 years. 

Oh, and please take a look at Laura's 'Small Fry Skinny Jeans' pattern as well. Excellent!!

Thank you so much for inviting me on this tour, Laura. Stay brillant! 


Bertram's bermudas are based on pattern 'l' (knee-length shorts) from the Japanese sewing book 'Happy Homemade Sew Chic Kids'. I really like the fit of these. Easy to sew but with finishing tips that just add that little extra to the shorts. There's a roll-up version of the same pattern which I definetely also must try for young Mr. B. For his younger sister I might do a tiered blouse and some shorts from this book as well. And a dress. There's always a dress. Stay tuned. Thanks for letting me try this book, Tuttle Publishing

søndag den 24. maj 2015

The Sydney Jacket // Tessuti Fabrics

Det var kærlighed ved første blik, da Tessuti Fabrics for et par uger siden præsenterede deres seneste snitmønster - the Sydney Jacket. Jakken er oversize i snittet, har relativt korte raglanærmer, draperet front og lommer. Mønstret er designet til uld(blandinger) eller fx scuba/neopren stof. Stof, der ikke flosser i kanten, når det klippes. Der er en grund hertil - alle kanter er nemlig rå. Selve jakken syes sammen med overlappende sømme, kun sidesømmene er syet på den gode gamle ret-mod-ret metoden. Den er ret hurtigt syet, og får altså et lækkert, unikt look med de sømme, ikke sandt. Den ku' sikkert også være fræk i en kunstskind udgave. Jeg har forlænget mønstret lidt på ærmer og krop. Str. er M.

Den her er syet af lækker uldboucle fra Stofdepotet.

A few weeks back Tessuti Fabrics released their latest pattern - the Sydney Jacket, an oversized jacket with draped front details, raglan sleeves and pockets. And it was love at first sight. The jacket is designed for wool fabrics or neoprene - fabric that does not fray when cut. All raw edges are overlapped - only the side are joined the 'normal' way with right sides facing. It's a fast and easy make. The construction is really great and unique. I lengthened the pattern a bit, also the sleeves.

For this one I used boucle wool from Stofdepotet . Bet it would look cool in a faux leather version as well.